Ascend MetaFund Profit Share System

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5 min readFeb 21, 2022

The MetaFund initiative has been at the heart of our project since our inception. The MetaFund is an everlasting investment fund used to purchase and invest into metaverse projects. There are three categories in which funds would be distributed including Long Term Stable investments, Yield Generators and Higher risk investments such as early-stage projects.

MetaFund in Ascend

By creating a MetaFund, Ascend Node holders will have 2 income streams each with a separate reward system but working together and in parallel at the same time. As an Ascend node holder you are rewarded through the node reward system which offers high yield daily rewards and by achieving at least Ascend Platinum membership, you will also be eligible to claim profits from the MetaFund, opening a second revenue stream.

The MetaFund can be considered as a more stable investment vehicle which will offer profit rewards on a longer timeframe, this could be monthly or quarterly, yet the MetaFund is an everlasting profit generator for Ascend node holders.

Note that the Node Reward System and MetaFund Reward System work separate from each other, therefore Ascend Meta node holders will have 2 separate income streams. Also due to the nature of the MetaFund, the profits generated by its investments will be claimable in Stable Coin, helping protect the value of the ASND Token.

How will the MetaFund be funded?

The MetaFund will be funded through claiming and compounding actions as well as sale and transfer taxes, therefore as time passes by the MetaFund will grow bigger giving Ascend the possibility to have more purchasing power resulting in higher profits for Ascend Meta node holders and the protocol.

MetaFund Profit Distribution

The goal of our MetaFund is simple, “create value and generate profits for our Ascend node holders”. Therefore, whenever there are profits from the MetaFund investments, a large portion will go directly to our Ascend meta node holders. The distribution of profits is as follows:

40% to Node Holders

30% goes back to the MetaFund

30% goes to buyback tokens and feed the reward pool

It is important to mention that there is a 3% portion of profits reserved for the Ascend Explorer who proposed the investment opportunity, which applies once the investment is sold back to the market and 7% reserved for continued development of the protocol. Therefore, the distribution is for the remaining 90% of the profits.

To prevent the sell pressure on the Ascend token, holders will be able to claim their profit share in stable coin. This will help protect the value of Ascend token.

MetaFund Reward System

The profit share of the MetaFund will have a point-based system.

  • Platinum Membership Node = 1 Point
  • Infinite Membership Node = 2 points
  • 1st Meta Membership Node = 5 points
  • 2nd Meta Membership Node = 4 points
  • 3rd Meta Membership Node = 3 points

*Ascend Membership Share nodes do not count towards the MetaFund profit share system.

Given that there is a cap on the number of Membership nodes you can hold, 15 points is the highest score a user can achieve from 1 Platinum Membership Node, 1 Infinite membership Node and 3 Meta Membership Nodes.

Your total MPSP will indicate your MetaFund profit share %. Here is an example of how it will be calculated.

Your nodes:

  • 1 Platinum = 1 MPSP
  • 1 Infinite = 2 MPSP
  • 1 Meta = 5 MPSP
  • Your MPSP = 8
  • All MPSP = 100 (This is the total MPSP from all ascend node holders)
  • Your profit share: 8/100 = 8%

Note that these MPSP are linked to the membership nodes, therefore if you sell or transfer their membership nodes their MPSP count is reduced.

Go beyond 15 MPSP

You can also decide to increase their profit share by purchasing MetaFund Profit Share Points. Instead of claiming, you can exchange their node rewards for profit share points, this makes it possible to go beyond 15 points in total, therefore increasing even further your profit share from the MetaFund.

The function for purchasing profit share will not be available on launch so everyone can focus on increasing their node holding. Also, whenever MetaFund profit share points are purchased the proceeds will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% will go to the MetaFund
  • 30% Reward Pool
  • 10% will go to the treasury
  • 10% will go back as liquidity

It is important to consider that more MPSP means a higher profit share, therefore if you are interested in increasing your profit share, you will be able to increase your high tier node holding and purchase MetaFund profit shares points. This will increase the MetaFund treasury, get tokens back to the reward pool and further help in achieving an everlasting success of the protocol.

MetaFund investments

Long term stable investments

As in traditional real estate, the purchase of land is a long-term play, where you buy into a property and wait for its appraisal. Since the Metaverse is in its early stage, there are lots of growth potential in purchasing land and other metaverse real estate spaces.

This includes but is not limited to purchasing and holding Land & NFTS.

Yield generators

One the main goals is to achieve stability as well as generate passive income for ascend node holders. The goal of this investments is to generate passive income that will be used to feed the reward pool, increase the protocols treasury, and generate a secondary revenue stream of passive income for node holders.

This includes but is not limited to purchasing & managing metaverse real estate for advertising, leasing, staking, & renting.

Higher risk investments

From great risk comes great reward, investing in higher risk project could achieve huge returns for Ascend node holders, therefore a small percentage of the MetaFund will be used to invest in early-stage projects. Also, the difference from this investment category to the other ones, is that it includes investing into tokens not just metaverse real estate.

This includes but it’s not limited to pre-sales, IDOs and seed rounds.

Ascend Explorers

As part of our MetaFund initiative we are creating a special role called Ascend Explorer. This role will be awarded to those who search for interesting metaverse investment opportunities and propose them to the Ascend community.

As an Ascend member you can make investment proposals. Then the Ascend community will vote on the preferred investment option. If the project that you proposed is selected, you will get the Ascend explorer role and a 3% commission once the investment is sold back to the market.

With this role we are bringing a traditional real estate profession into the new universe called the Metaverse and blockchain. If you know about a promising metaverse project, join our discord and make your proposal for a chance to get a 3% commission.

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